SILICONE MESH Fencl tilting landing net head PREDATOR

Flip-up spinning sinker head with universal fishing thread compatible with all sinker rods. The possibility of screwing on a magnetic holder for attaching the landing net to the eyelet of a fishing vest or backpack, thereby increasing fishing comfort during hunting. The head is suitable for assembling a spinning net.

Frame Size and Net Depth
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Landing net head

The branded landing gear head with a silicone net that does not catch hooks, does not smell and is very gentle on the fish.

The scoop head has a metal folding center, thanks to which the scoop becomes storable. The universal fishing thread is compatible with all landing rods.

Metal center and universal fishing thread

Made of high-quality aluminum alloys and thanks to the metal lock and stainless steel spring, the landing gear can be quickly folded out with one hand and is immediately ready to catch your catch. The brass universal thread can be combined with any dipper rod.

Predator landing net head parameters



Frame size 40 x 34 cm
Network depth 30 cm
Transport length   46 cm
Weight 300 g



Frame size 48 x 40 cm
Network depth 38 cm
Transport length   54 cm
Weight 350 g




Frame size 55 x 45 cm
Network depth 40 cm
Transport length   61 cm
Weight 435 g

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