Net of the landing net

Are you considering replacing the net of your landing net?


Nets from the Fencl® brand are the ideal solution for your fishing net needs. We have replacement nets in both rubber and silicone versions. Simply measure the circumference of your net and choose a new net (if the length of the circumference of the net is +/- 5 cm, it is not noticeable on the net).

The main advantage is that it does not snag hooks, does not absorb water or odors and is very gentle on fish.

Fencl original rubber replacement net

Circumference×Depth of net Net models
Carp, Carp Premium, Max Predator King, Queen
95x30 cm
110x40 cm M,Special M King M, Queen M
110x50 cm M, Special M King M, Queen M
135x40 cm L King L, Queen L
155x40 cm King XL
155x60 cm XL King XL 2, Queen XL
180x60 cm Carp 60 XXL
195x70 cm Max 60
240x70 cm Carp 80, Max 77
300x85 cm Carp 100, Carp Premium 100

Fencl original silicone replacement net

Circumference×Depth of net Net models
Predator, Max King, Queen
100x30 cm, black Predator M, Predator Special M King M
120x35 cm, black Predator L, Predator Special L King L
155x40 cm, black Predator XL King XL, Queen XL
150x65 cm, transparent Max 55 cm