Fencl® PREDATOR PREMIUM PRO spinning net

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The Predator Premium Pro landing net in modern black design with anodized arm spreader block is easy to handle with one hand. Extremely strong and durable landing net for active fishing. For connoisseurs and anglers in difficult outdoor conditions, we recommend using it in combination with the Predator Premium Pro mechanical attachment, which enables the strength of detachment to be adjusted. Landing net with free service and easily replaceable net.

Detailed information

We are a manufacturer
We are a manufacturer
Specialist in fishing nets manufacture. Hand crafted.
5 year warranty
5 year warranty
We provide an extended 5-year warranty and free after-sales service.
25 years on the market
25 years on the market
We have been developing products for your satisfaction for more than a quarter of a century.

Product detailed description


Revolutionary landing net attachment for backpacks or vests. PUSHING THE BOUNDARIES OF LANDING NET FIXTURES! Predator Premium Pro mechanical attachment - unique worldwide. Easy adjustment of detaching force - maximum force setting 10 kg. Due to the solid attachment, the landing net holds even in difficult outdoor conditions, with branches or sudden movements in difficult terrain posing no problems. The landing net holds according to the strength of the detaching force you set. Especially recommended for use with XL and XXL landing nets!



The Fencl Predator magnetic holder is designed for use with Fencl telescopic spinning nets. The holder for the magnet is threaded for screwing onto the landing net, with the magnetic attachment and detachment providing greater ease of use when fishing. Recommended for use with M and L landing nets!



The frame of the fishing net head features black EVA foam that enables it to float on the surface of the water. This is particularly useful to anglers who wade in water while fishing because it enables them to devote their full time to fishing whilst letting the net float by their side. The frame of the fishing net head is made of high-quality aluminium and features a metal arm spreader block with a universal thread.



This two-section telescopic handle is made of high-quality duralumin tubes which can be locked into any position. Universal thread. Available in different variants – wood/carbon. With 360° rotating eyelet.

Wooden handle: Handmade hardwood handle treated with hydro/oleophobic protection using nano technology. The application of this method enables you to still feel the texture of the wood.

Carbon: Adds a modern minimalist design to the handle. Made of high-quality twill 3k carbon fibre.



Frame size 40 x 35 cm
Depth of rubber net 35 cm
Depth of silicone net 30 cm
Length 144 cm
Transport 82 cm
Weight with rubber net 480g
Weight with silicone net 575 g
Frame size 49 x 39 cm
Depth of rubber net 40 cm
Depth of silicone net 35 cm
Length 162 cm
Transport 82 cm
Weight with rubber net 570 g
Weight with silicone net 620 g
Frame size 55 x 47 cm
Depth of rubber net 60 cm
Depth of silicone net 40 cm
Length 168 cm
Transport 82 cm
Weight with rubber net 600 g
Weight with silicone net 690 g
Frame size 68 x 54 cm
Depth of rubber net 75 cm
Depth of silicone net 65 cm
Length 180 cm
Transport 82 cm
Weight with rubber net 750 g
Weight with silicone net 850 g

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