How to choose a carp landing net

Fencl Carp Premium® carp landing net 105 cm / 2-piece

A revolutionary landing net that has become highly sought after and popular among a wide group of anglers who prefer quality fishing equipment that can provide them with comfort and reliability.

Smart solution, modern design

The idea for the creation and development of this landing net originated years ago, when Fencl began to develop technologically and enter into the pan-European market. The primary inspiration was the idea to simplify the removal of the arms from the center of the landing net, in order to gently and quickly transfer the fish to the mat.

Gradually, other innovations began to appear in the development of this type of landing net, such as the ability to choose floating arms. This variant has begun to be widely used by fishermen who fish from a boat. When they land a fish, they can quickly disconnect the head of the landing net, then roll it up and let it float freely on the surface, while they put their rod down. The head of the landing net and the  fish are then easily and gently transferred to the boat.

This version has also proven useful in IBCC races, for example, when speed and accuracy are needed.


High quality

This landing net is of a high quality, not only  because we’ve used the best materials, but also because of great mechanical engineering. All the structural solutions have been created in  the Czech Republic with the help of our designer. This is not something that is already on the market, but a technology that was born here from the drawing of the first screw. The  version that is now on the market  has come a long way and taken a lot of time and effort.


ONE-TOUCH mechanism

The Fencl mechanism, which we simply call ONE-TOUCH, is a one-touch system in which the nut can be turned in both directions to release the landing net arms. It was developed to suit both right-handed and left-handed users, and so that there is no need to think about in which direction to twist when landing a fish. The center is finished with a universal thread that allows it to be attached to any landing net rod. However, this mechanism cannot be used in  combination with  arms other than the  original because the arms of our landing net are specially modified. The  cross-linked fiberglass arms are finished with stainless steel, which has a magnet that eases insertion into the cross of the landing net.

And this year we have developed this landing net model even further! We’ve introduced the option of building the Carp Premium according to your own preferences. And what does that mean? You can choose whether you want polyester classic mesh or rubberized. Fencl wants to give you choices and let you select the configuration you desire from a wide range of options.

Carp Premium is on the market for the second year running and we thank you for your great feedback and references. We are happy to have brought something to the fishing market for which there was truly a need!