How to choose a spin-fishing landing net

Modern and innovative landing nets for hunting predatory fish! 100% functional even in severe outdoor conditions. We use high-end materials that are durable even in saltwater, so you can go fishing for sea trout with  this landing net.

Fencl Predator Premium PRO and Fencl Predator Premium Pro Special

A revolutionary landing net that has become highly sought after and popular among a wide group of anglers who prefer and emphasize quality fishing equipment that can provide them with comfort and reliability.

Smart solution, modern design

In our e-shop you can use the configurator, which will offer you compatible options for assembling the landing net. Do you like floating nets, for example? That's no problem with us! Imagine wading in the water and letting the landing net float by your side. A safety cable prevents the loss of the landing net and the black foam on the frame allows the entire landing net structure to float on the surface.


You can also choose the handle design. For lovers of naturalism, we have specially made handles from wood. This is a high-quality hardwood treated with a hydrophobic protection which is used in the treatment of ocean ships, but thanks to our technology you can feel the  details of the veneer in your hand.

Enthusiasts of minimalism will appreciate the carbon handle, and even here we also left the texture of the material. The handle tip has a 360 degree swivel eyelet.

High quality

This landing net is of a high quality, not only  because we’ve used the best materials, but also because of great mechanical engineering. All the structural solutions have been created in  the Czech Republic with the help of our designer. This is not something that is already on the market, but a technology that was born here from the drawing of the first screw. The  version that is now on the market  has come a long way and taken a lot of time and effort.

Comparison of Premium Pro and Premium Pro Special

Premium Pro and Premium Pro Special = the two different landing net head shapes may seem at first glance like just a design feature, but for many anglers they are useful when fishing for different types of fish. The Special shape is recommended for fishing for pike, sea trout and other slender fish.

Premium Pro is a great choice for smaller, stronger predators.

Magnetic / Mechanical attachment of the landing net

Silicone / rubber landing net