How to choose a children’s landing net

How to choose a quality and fully functional landing net for your little fisherman or fisherwoman


Important parameters of the landing net

Weight of landing net

The weight of the landing net is critical when using it in water. We recommend a maximum weight of 400 grams, making the landing net light and easy to handle in water.

Simple to unfold

Another point is the simple and very easy unfolding of the landing net, ideally flicking opening with one hand. It's important that the little fisherman enjoys it.

Consideration for our fish friends

We recommend the rubberized net, which is very friendly to fish. It’s also nice for small fishermen and anglers, as the net does not snag hooks and will last a long time. Parents will certainly appreciate it. Further, the net won’t stink. When making your choice, be sure to pay attention to the possibility of replacing the net. Each net will eventually wear out and it is environmentally responsible and economic to replace the net in a few minutes (see the video instructions), rather than being forced to buy a whole new net.

Telescopic extension feature

It is very practical when fishing, for example, from a high bank to adjust the telescopic extension of the landing net to the necessary length. Another benefit for children is the rubber eyelet at the end of the non-slip rubber handle, which the child can put on his hand to prevent the landing net from  floating away


Fencl Karásek® children's landing net with rubberized net

We put great emphasis on all these parameters and have therefore developed the unique Fencl branded Karásek® landing net in 4 colors, so that every little fisherman and fisherwoman can choose their favorite colors.