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We are a Czech manufacturer of Fencl® brand specializing in fishing nets of the highest quality for every type of fishing. Build your new landing net with us.


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Buying Guide

Shopping cart

  • After selecting an item and the number of items, click add to cart to continue shopping, or click cart to move to the selected products.
  • You will first see your shopping cart, where you can also adjust the number of items you want to order

Shipping and payment

  • The second step is to click the button and this will take you to the shipping and payment page, where you will first choose the country of delivery and currency
  • next, choose the shipping method
  • there is also a choice of payment method: cash on delivery, bank transfer, online payment by card, online bank transfer

Contact information

  • after selecting the shipping and payment methods, click continue, then enter your personal data: email, phone and address in GDPR privacy mode
  • then you can use the box to enter a note for the seller and write any detailed information that you want to appear on the order sheet
  • after checking all the information, click on the submit order box. According to the payment option you’ve selected, either an email with the payment information will be sent to you or the payment terminal will be displayed, where you can enter your credit card information and pay online

Delivery and warranty

  • we deliver goods within 3 working days
  • each product has a 2-year warranty by law; however, because we stand by the quality of our products, we provide lifetime service without charge
  • on each landing net

Thank you for your confidence and we wish you a pleasant and happy purchase in our online shop.