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Our flagship product, which will delight every angler. With a simple turn (left or right), the arms of the landing net close like scissors, which is what makes this landing net unique.


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We are a manufacturer
We are a manufacturer
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5 year warranty
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25 years on the market
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Product detailed description

Landing net head

The ends of the cross-linked fibreglass arms are of stainless steel that contain a magnet. The magnetized ends help to make the insertion of the ends into the arm spreader block much easier.

To make the arms lighter on the water, we applied EVA foam around them, which is unique for a carp landing net.

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Rubberized net

The mesh size of the rubberized net, which represents a fine net that is very gentle on fish. It also does not catch hooks and does not absorb odours. Easily washable and replaceable.


Metal arm spreader block

Made of black anodized duralumin which is highly resistant to external influences, for example scratching by sand, but is also very elegant to look at. It forms an integral part of the whole exclusive design.

The universal thread on the head of the landing net means it is compatible with all Fencl fishing net handles. Easy one-handed manipulation when the angler needs to land a fish quickly.


Landing net rod

The Fencl landing net pole is not only robust, but also an elegant choice for any angler. The landing net pole is made of fibreglass, which gives it extreme strength and flexibility. In addition, it is coated with a layer of carbon fibre, which makes it even more durable. What makes this landing net pole truly unique is the combination of the traditional Fencl cross weave and a modern concept. A fibreglass tube with a thickness of 1 mm is connected to an outer layer of 3K carbon with a thickness of 0.3 mm. Another advantage of this landing net pole is that it can be assembled from individual parts as required. You can assemble your own landing net pole in lengths of 78" , 118" or 157". And that's not all! You can also choose the material of the end handle: either carbon or wood.


Dimensions Carp Premium

Net type

Rubberized / Polyester

Shoulders 42"
Rubberized net depth 33,5"
Polyester net depth 39,5"
Length of the landing net 114"
Transport 41,5"
Weight with rubberized net 53 oz
Weight with polyester net 42 oz

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