How to choose a fly-fishing landing net

For fly fishermen we have a special model line: Fencl King® and Fencl Queen® in four sizes M,L,XL,XXL . The landing nets feature a firmly attached magnetic frame holder, thanks to which you can hang the entire landing net on the eyelet of the fly-fishing vest, so you still have the landing net ready to engage.

Advantages of landing nets

  • comfort for the fisherman , thanks to intuitive magnetic back suspension
  • rubber net that will not snag hooks, will not absorb water or odors and is very gentle on the fish
  • perfectly balanced landing net, center of gravity in the handle ⇒ easy handling in water
  • universal thread, can be combined with another handle (extended/short)

Safety cable system

Our landing nets are floating and have a safety feature that ensures we do not lose the landing net in the water.
The safety feature mentioned here is a unique safety cable and magnetic suspension system that can be attached to a backpack or fishing vest.

A rubber-coated steel cable connected to a magnet can be looped on
trousers or on a belt.

The net is perfectly secured so you can fish in peace. The same applies to the use of a Belly Boat. No more looking for a landing net at the bottom of a river or lake. Thanks to our system, the landing net is always firmly anchored. It is also worth mentioning our Fencl handles, which are available in wood or carbon.
You can also decide whether you prefer extended (40 cm) or short (15 cm) handles. If you decide to purchase a complete landing net, a landing net handle comes with it.

Grips of landing net heads

Fencl landing net head handle 16 cm

  • designer short landing net head handle: carbon, wood, high-quality rubber
  • ideal in combination with Fencl King® landing net head with rubber net that can also be fitted with a magnetic holder

Fencl landing net head handle 40 cm