Fencl magnetic landing net holder MAGMAGIC

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The magnetic holder MagMagic with a strength of 6.2 kg, aluminum construction is designed to attach the landing gear to a belt, backpack or fly vest. The biggest advantage of the magnetic attachment is that you always have the landing gear available when fishing and the magnet does not prevent you from picking up the fish.

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We are a manufacturer
We are a manufacturer
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5 year warranty
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25 years on the market
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Product detailed description

Fencl magnetic holder MagMagic

It is used to reliably attach the net to the eyelet of a fly vest, belt, backpack.

Thanks to the magnetic holder, the net is always ready for use when shooting.

Extra strong quality neodymium magnets reinforced with magnetic stainless steel.

360-degree rotatable eyelets, two carabiners for maximum unfastening comfort, for example when taking photos with fish. Rubber coated steel safety cable.

Designer duralumin construction with a black anodized finish.



An extra strong neodymium magnet in combination with magnetic stainless steel in a duralumin design case is a useful helper for maximum comfort when fishing.


Parameters MagMagic

Magnetic force
6,2 kg
50 g