Fencl landing head CARP CLASSIC 42"

Strong and reliable Carp Classic landing net from Fencl. Design and functionality were priorities for us during the creation of this landing net. For anglers who prefer classic removable arms from a stainless steel centre. After successfully entering the Carp Premium market, we are expanding our product range with another landing net crafted with maximum precision.

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Fencl landing head CARP CLASSIC 42"
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Carp Classic

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Stainless steel centre

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The stainless steel centre of the landing net is minimalistic and lightweight, with the Fencl rune engraved on the front. As with most of our products we’ve featured a universal thread on this model, so you can configure the landing net according to your wishes and use a wide range of connections of landing net handles.


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Choose the option that is best for you! In our configurator you can choose between rubber or polyester nets. The rubber net is quick drying and does not absorb water or odours. The polyester net is lightweight with a fine mesh; it is very gentle on fish.

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Dimensions Carp Classic

Network type

Rubberized /

Shoulders 105 cm
Depth of the rubberized net 85 cm
Weight with rubberized net 1290 g
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