Fencl landing net CARP PREMIUM 100

The flagship of Fencl production, which will delight every angler. With a simple turn, the scoop arms close like scissors, this movement can be done in both directions, which is why this type of scoop head becomes unique.

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Landing net head

The cross-linked fiberglass arms are finished with stainless steel, in which there is a magnet, which helps to more comfortably insert the scoop into the cross.
To make the arms of the landing net lighter on the water, we applied floating foam under the rubberized net - this is unique for a carp landing net.
Rubberized mesh
The mesh size of the rubberized net is 5x8mm, which is a fine net that is very gentle on fish, does not catch hooks and does not absorb odors. Easily washable and at the same time replaceable.
Metal center

Dural in black anodized not only has highly resistant properties to external influences, such as scratching with sand, but is also very elegant to look at. They form an incompatible part of the whole exclusive impression.

There is a universal thread on the head of the scoop, so it fits perfectly with any scoop rod. Easy one-handed handling when the angler needs to retrieve the fish quickly.

Parameters of Carp Premium landing gear heads


Network type Rubberized
Landing net arms 100 cm
Network depth 80 cm
Transport 100 cm
Weight 990 g
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