Canal fishing

It was again one of those difficult days with not very good conditions. This means hunting all the structures in the sluggish canal and, above all, focusing. In winter, you tend to fish slowly, with longer stages of diving and occasionally leaving the lure at the bottom. None of it worked. After two hours on the spot and several exchanges of bait, I almost gave up. Actually, I wanted to move on, but then I switched to water springtail, I don't know why.

It’s an uncharacteristic lure for me, because I don't really use anything jigged on the jighead during active fishing. I threw it in, and when it started sinking, I got a bite. Now things were getting hectic.

One, I wasn't expecting it at all, and two, I already had all my gear packed. Then there was the fact that it was a little steeper down to the shore. So I held the rod in tension with one hand, and luckily I could grab the net with the other hand, which was a little further behind me. Fortunately, Fencl's Predator Premium PRO XL can be operated with one hand. The landing net rod then spanned the slope to the shore and I could safely land the beautiful pike. The pike was quickly taken out, measured, photographed and released with the Predator Premium PRO XL. The landing net from Fencl has become a permanent part of my fishing expeditions and I would not like to do without it. This is absolutely an added value to the net market!


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