Fishing on the dam – a test of the new Carp Fencl Premium landing net

I am pleased to introduce the new top landing net from Fencl®. It took a year to develop everything to perfection. Now I had the opportunity to test it while fishing for carp and grass carp on the dam.

Fencl Carp Premium® carp landing net

We put great emphasis on all these parameters and have therefore developed the unique Fencl branded Karásek® landing net in 4 colors, so that every little fisherman and fisherwoman can choose their favorite colors.


Every year I go on a long 14-day fishing trip. When better than this time of year to try a landing net. On the third day of the expedition, Mr. Slánek came and brought me this gem. Fishermen participated in the development of the landing net. This net makes up for what other carp landing nets lack and much more. When I first picked it up, I was pleasantly surprised.

At first glance, the landing net impressed me with its quality workmanship. Thought went into every component used. Let me start with the part where the arms of the landing net are released from the cross by turning. You don't have to think about which side of the net to turn and push, as it goes both ways, which is important if you want to get the fish in the net.

In one motion, I release the arms, which fold like scissors. I grab the arms and pull them out of the cross in one stroke and just place the carp on the mat.

Another advantage is definitely the rubberized fine mesh, which is gentle on fish, does not get hooks stuck in it and does not stink because it is easy to rinse. I think for some it is heavier than a classic polyester net, but there are areas where a rubber net is a must. The Fencl logo is also rubber, so it won't get dirty.

The owners of Fencl thought of everything and equipped the arms with a special Eva foam that allows the arms to float on the water. The bottom of the net can be attached to the cross using a magnet. The moment I had a fish in my net, the magnet came loose.

I would definitely highlight the ease of handling and maintenance, because even if something should happen to my landing net, I know that buying this product also entitles me to lifetime service.

My net rating? 10/10 points! I am glad that I was able to contribute my experience to the development of the landing net.

Good luck fishing

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Nets for carp

We  offer three model series of carp landing nets. For each version you can purchase the head and telescopic rod separately, but you can also choose the entire assembly.