User rating of the Max landing net

This season I had dozens of questions about a black aluminum landing net that I used several times this year. Apparently it enjoys great interest from boat fishermen and others! I had a predator net last season, but I only got two questions about it. This landing net does exactly the same thing, but is much more sophisticated and looks better.

What kind of a landing net is that?

I got questions such as: What brand is it? What kind of fish fit in it? What was the price? Where can I buy it? By the way, this post is not intended to be an affiliate marketing post. I don't really make any money from it and it's nothing but a tip from a happy user.

Why is it exactly like this? This is a landing net that makes it easier to fish out of the boat in rough waters, in waters full of water lilies or if the fish has swum into an area with a lot of reeds. This is something that can be difficult or sometimes almost impossible with a conventional landing net. The strong frame literally pushes you under the fish and then – if necessary – you can apply force to the center of the landing net without worrying about the frame breaking. I hear this can happen with other brands. It is also lighter, more compact and more easy-to-store than ever before. You can put it in a boat or hang it on a backpack.

Which landing net am I talking about?

Fencl Max XXL in floating version

We put great emphasis on all these parameters and have therefore developed the unique Fencl branded Karásek® landing net in 4 colors, so that every little fisherman and fisherwoman can choose their favorite colors.

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