Czech made Fencl landing nets

We have specialized in the production of landing nets for more than 30 years. But over the last two years, we've taken our products to a whole new level. Currently you can choose from  more than 20 types of landing nets, which are created based on the experience of fishermen. We have projected compactness into our products so that the fisherman does not have to buy each landing net separately, but can choose from  various components from which he can build a landing net according to his wishes. 

This year we have included the revolutionary Carp Premium landing net, which pushes all the boundaries in  fishing. 

Fencl Carp Premium® landing net

Its name will tip you off that this is a revolutionary carp landing net. We guarantee that you’ll like how easy and fast it is to remove the arms from the center of the landing net ⇒ it is also easy to reattach.
  • floating arms without additional floats
  • with one touch, the arms fold like scissors and can be slid out with a light pull
  • rubberized net that does not snag hooks, does not absorb water or odors and is quick drying
  • modern and innovative processing technologies
  • for trophy fish

sophisticated arm disconnect system is unparalleled in  the fishing industry. The arms can be detached from  the cross with one touch. This can be done in both directions, at  which point the arms fold like scissors and can be slid out with a light pull. 

We receive questions such as whether the Carp Premium landing net mechanism has a long service life. And we unanimously answer “Yes” because we’ve thought of everything. We applied a self-lubricating finish to the mechanism, which spontaneously lubricates it during use.

 Which means only one thing for fishermen: No complicated maintenance is required; just rinse the center once in a while in  clean water. We pride ourselves on simplicity and modern production technology, which takes our products to a higher level and make them the number one choice for fishermen.

A premium rubber net from Fencl is a matter of course with our landing nets. This sets us apart from others. They are much sought after among anglers because they are quick-drying, gentle on the fish and do not snag  hooks. 

The ease of handling of the Carp Premium is another decisive factor in the choice of landing net, as the arms are detached in a few seconds and can be reattached with no complications. This way we get the fish onto the mat safely and gently. An additional float is no longer required, because we have applied black EVA foam to the landing net arms, so that the whole landing net floats on the surface. 

Another outstanding and useful feature is the magnet which holds the net. The  moment we guide the fish into the net, the magnet disengages under its weight. 

 Fencl makes it easier to have fun by the water, thanks to the well-thought-out details of our products. 

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Happy fishing!

Team Fencl

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