How to choose a landing net

A landing net is an important part of every fisherman’s gear. You can find several options for different types of fishing in  our assortment, but how do you choose the right one?


To begin, you need to know what style of fishing you’ll use the net for. Will you use it for fishing from  a boat or from the shore? The size of the fish you intend to catch also makes a difference in the choice of net.

Once you've thought through these factors, it's time to take a closer look.

Nets for carp

We  offer three model series of carp landing nets. You can purchase the head and telescopic handle separately for each version, but you can also choose the entire setup.

Fencl Carp® landing net

Ideal for feeder fishing, float fishing and other types of light fishing. It’s easily portable  because of the sophisticated assembly system. We offer arms in three sizes: 60/80/100 cm.

  • with a net you can catch even trophy fish 
  • rubberized net , which  does not snag hooks, does not absorb water or odors , and is very fish-friendly
  • fiberglass arms, which are extremely flexible , and always return to their original state even if you put the arms together
  • the arms cannot be removed from the center of the landing net; they are folding
  • a two-piece telescopic handle with which you can fish even from a high shore. No fish will get away
  • metal center
  • free lifetime service
  • universal thread

Fencl Carp Premium® landing net

Its name will tip you off that this is a revolutionary carp landing net. We guarantee that you’ll like how easy and fast it is to remove the arms from the center of the landing net ⇒ it is also easy to reattach.

  • floating arms without additional floats
  • with one touch, the arms fold like scissors and can be slid out with a light pull
  • rubberized net that does not snag hooks, does not absorb water or odors and is quick drying
  • modern and innovative processing technologies
  • for trophy fish

Fencl Max® landing net

Landing net with rubber net, suitable for fishing from a boat or on overgrown waters. It boasts a solid metal frame and centre. Easy handling with one hand. A landing net made for big fish!

  • for carp we recommend a fishing net with mesh size of 6x10 mm
  • one-touch folding landing net head
  • solid and robust construction
  • fast drying net
  • universal thread
  • a choice of landing net handles
  • recommended maximum length up to 2m

Predator landing nets

If you want the landing net out of your way while fishing and yet want it always at hand when you need it, we recommend: the Fencl Predator® landing net with rubber net and built-in magnetic holder for the eyelet of a fishing vest or backpack. At the same time the net can be flicked open with one hand and the fish can be scooped up.

Advantages of landing nets

  • magnetic or mechanical attachment to your back, where your landing net is always on standby
  • rubber or silicone net that will not snag hooks, will not absorb water or odors and is very gentle on the fish
  • intuitive one-handed opening
  • if the net is damaged by fish, you do not need to buy a new net; simply order a replacement net
  • the landing net is from a Czech manufacturer that provides lifetime service for free

Fly-fishing landing nets

For fly fishermen we have a special model line: Fencl King® and Fencl Queen® in four sizes M,L,XL,XXL . The landing nets are distinctive for their strong magnetic frame holder, thanks to which you can hang the entire landing net on the loop of a fly-fishing vest and always have the landing net ready to use.

Advantages of landing nets

  • comfort for the fisherman, thanks to the intuitive magnetic back attachment
  • rubber net that will not snag hooks, will not absorb water or odors and is very gentle on the fish
  • perfectly balanced landing net, center of gravity in the handle ⇒ easy handling in water
  • universal thread, can be combined with another handle (extended/short)

Have you made a choice?

Go shopping.